Man pages for AGDEX
Agreement of Differential Expression Analysis

agdexAgreement of Differential Expression Analysis
AGDEX-packageAgreement of differential expression analysis
agdex.resSaved result returned by agdex()
agdex.scatterplotscatter plot of AGDEX result
get.gset.result.detailsExtract gene-level details from gene-set results
gset.dataa sample gene-set data
human.dataSample ExpressionSet object of human data
make.dex.set.objectMake a list object for function agdex()
map.dataProbe-set Mapping Data
mouse.dataMouse Data
read.agdex.gset.detailsread detailed results of gene-set analyses
read.agdex.resultRead the output file of agdex analysis
write.agdex.gset.detailswrite the output of get.gset.result.details to a...
write.agdex.resultWrite the AGDEX results to output file
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