Man pages for CGEN
An R package for analysis of case-control studies in genetic epidemiology

additive.testA test for gene-environment interaction under an additive...
CGENAn R package for analysis of case-control studies in genetic...
chromosome.plotManhattan plot
getMatchedSetsCase-Control and Nearest-Neighbor Matching
getSummaryCompute summary information
getWaldTestCompute a Wald test
GxE.scanGxE analysis for an array of SNPs
GxE.scan.combineCombines output files into one file
GxE.scan.partitionCreates GxE.scan job files for a computing cluster
LocusMapDataLocus map data
locusMap.listList to describe the locus map data
pheno.listList to describe the covariate and outcome data
printEffectsPrint an effects table
QQ.plotQQ plot
snp.effectsJoint and Stratified Effects
snp.effects.plotEffects plot
snp.listList to describe the genotype data
snp.logisticLogistic regression analysis for a single SNP
snp.matchedRobust G-G and G-E Interaction with Finely-Matched...
snp.scoreScore Test
subject.listList to describe the file of subject ids
XdataSample covariate and outcome data
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