subject.list: List to describe the file of subject ids

Description Format Details


The list to describe the file of subject ids for snp.list


The format is: List of 4


Text file containing the subject ids. The file can be a single column of ids, or a delimited file of several columns with the ids as one of the columns. No default.


Column number(s) or variable name(s) containing the subject ids. Use id.var=-1 if the file is a single column of ids.


The delimiter in file. The default is "".


0 or 1 if the file contains a header of variable names.


This list is should only be used when the genotype file does not contain subject ids. The order of the ids in this file must match the order of the genotypes in the genotype file. If the genotype data is in a PLINK format, then id.var must be of length 2 corresponding the the family id and subject id. When using the GxE.scan function, this list can often just be set to the name of the file containing the ids.

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