locusMap.list: List to describe the locus map data

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The list to describe the locus map data for Manhattan.plot.


The format is: List of 8


File containing the locus map data. This file must contain at least three columns: a column for the SNP names, a column for the chromosomes, and a column for the location of the SNP on the chromosome. The location should be numeric values. No default.


1, 3 or 4 (see details). The default is 3.


The delimiter used in the files. The default is "\t" (a tab).


0 or 1 if the file contains a header of variable names. The default is 0.


Variable name (e.g. rs number) or column number of the SNP (locus) variable. No default.


Variable name (e.g. chromosome number) or column number of the chromosome variable. No default.


Variable name or column number of the location variable, which denotes the SNP's position on the chromosome. This variable should be numeric. No default.


In this list, file must be specified. The types of files are described below.

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