Man pages for CNAnorm
A normalization method for Copy Number Aberration in cancer samples

addDNACopy-methodsMethods for Function addDNACopy in Package 'CNAnorm'
addSmooth-methodsMethods for Function addSmooth in Package 'CNAnorm'
chrsAndpos-methodsAccessors methods for Function ratio in Package 'CNAnorm'
CNA CNAnorm object with information about most abundant ploidy...
CNAnorm-classClass "CNAnorm"
dataFrame2objectConvert a data frame into an object of Class '"CNAnorm"'
data-hg19_hs_ideogrAn object with the ideogram information for homo sapiens -...
DerivData-classClass "DerivData"
discreteNorm-methodsMethods for Function addSmooth in Package 'CNAnorm'
exportTable-methodMethods for Function exportTable in Package 'CNAnorm'
gcNorm-methodsMethods for Function gcNorm in Package 'CNAnorm'
gParAn object with the default graphical parameters
InData-classClass "InData" ~~~
LS041Mapped reads in tumor and matched blood for patient LS041
Params-classClass "Params"
peakPloidyMethods for Function peakPloidy in Package 'CNAnorm'
plotGenome-methodsMethods for Function plotGenome in Package 'CNAnorm'
plotPeaks-methodsMethods for Function plotPeaks in Package 'CNAnorm'
ratio-methodsMethods for Function ratio in Package 'CNAnorm'
suggValid-methodsMethods for Function to retrieve suggested/validated ploidy...
validation-methodsMethods for Function addSmooth in Package 'CNAnorm'
workflowWrapperWrapper to '"CNAnorm"' workflow
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