Man pages for DiffBind
Differential Binding Analysis of ChIP-Seq Peak Data

dbaConstruct a DBA object
dba.analyzePerform differential binding affinity analysis
dba.contrastSet up contrasts for differential binding affinity analysis
dba.countCount reads in binding site intervals
dba.loadload DBA object
dba.maskDerive a mask to define a subset of peaksets or sites for a...
dba.overlapCompute binding site overlaps (occupancy analysis)
dba.peaksetAdd a peakset to, or retrieve a peakset from, a DBA object
dba.plotHeatmapDraw a binding site heatmap
dba.plotMAGenerate MA and scatter plots of differential binding...
dba.plotPCAPCA plot
dba.plotVennDraw 2-way, 3-way, or 4-way Venn diagrams of overlaps
dba.plotVolcanoGenerate volcano plots of differential binding analysis...
dba.reportGenerate a report for a differential binding affinity...
dba.savesave DBA object
dba.showList attributes of peaksets of contrasts associated with a...
DiffBind-globalsConstant variables used in DiffBind package
DiffBind-packageDifferential Binding Analysis of ChIP-seq peaksets
print.DBAStandard S3 methods for DBA object
tamoxifenTamoxifen resistance dataset used for DBA examples
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