Man pages for FunChIP
Clustering and Alignment of ChIP-Seq peaks based on their shapes

bending_indexThe elbow rule to define the proper number of clusters.
choose_k-methodChoice of the final classification of peaks
cluster_peak-methodClustering the peaks with the k-mean alignment algorithm
compute_fragments_lengthComputing the length of the fragments in the .bam file.
distance_peakComputing distance matrices among spline-smoothed peaks and...
FunChIP-packageClustering and Alignment of ChIP-Seq peaks based on their...
GR100Peaks of a ChIP-seq experiment
peaksCoverage of a ChIP-Seq experiment
pileup_peak-methodComputing read counts on a GRanges object.
plot_peak-methodPlotting the peaks.
silhouette_plotReturn the silhouette index for clustered peaks
smooth_peak-methodSpline smoothing of the peak
summit_peak-methodFinding the summits of the peaks of the GRanges object
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