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FunChIP-package: Clustering and Alignment of ChIP-Seq peaks based on their...

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Efficient implementation of the k-mean alignment algorithm to classify spline-smoothed ChIP-Seq peaks.


Package: FunChIP
Type: Package
Version: 0.99.4
Date: 2016-07-07
License: GPL-3


Alice Parodi, Marco J. Morelli, Laura M. Sangalli, Piercesare Secchi, Simone Vantini


Sangalli, L.M., Secchi, P., Vantini, S., Vitelli, V., 2010. "K-mean alignment for curve clustering". Computational Statistics and Data Analysis, 54, 1219-1233.

See Also

pileup_peak, smooth_peak, summit_peak, distance_peak, cluster_peak, choose_k, plot_peak

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