f.Q: Compute Cochran's Q statistic

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Compute Cochran's Q statistic for testing whether the a fixed effects or a random effects model will be appropriate.


f.Q(dadj, varadj)



A matrix, each row is a gene, each column a study, of the estimated t-statistics.


A matrix, each row is a gene, each column a study, of the estimated, adjusted variances of the t-statistics.


A straightforward computation of Cochran's Q statistic. If the null hypothesis that the data are well modeled by a fixed effects design is true then the estimate Q values will have approximately a chi-squared distribution with degrees of freedom equal to the number of studies minus one.


A vector of length equal to the number of rows of dadj with the Q statistics.


L. Lusa and R. Gentleman


Choi et al, Combining multiple microarray studies and modeling interstudy variation. Bioinformatics, 2003, i84-i90.

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