Man pages for GeneNetworkBuilder
GeneNetworkBuilder: a bioconductor package for building regulatory network using ChIP-chip/ChIP-seq data and Gene Expression Data

browseNetworkbrowse network
browseNetwork-shinyShiny bindings for browseNetwork
buildNetworkconstruct the regulatory network
ce.IDsMapC.elegns gene name to wormbase identifier map
ce.interactionmaptranscript regulatory map of _Caenorhabditis elegans_
ce.mapIDsmap file for converting from wormbase identifier to...
ce.miRNA.mapmicro RNA of _Caenorhabditis elegans_
convertIDconvert gene IDs by id map
example.dataexample datasets for documentation
exportNetworkSave network in various formats
filterNetworkfilter the regulatory network table by expression profile
GeneNetworkBuilder-packageBuild Regulatory Network from ChIP-chip/ChIP-seq and...
hs.IDsMapmap file for converting gene name or sequence name of _Homo...
hs.interactionmaptranscript regulation map of _Homo sapiens_
hs.mapIDsmap file for converting from Entrez identifier to _Homo...
hs.miRNA.mapmicro RNA of _Homo sapiens_
networkFromGenesBuild network by a list of given genes
polishNetworkgenerate an object of grahpNEL to represent the regulation...
saveXGMMLSave network as xgmml
uniqueExprsDataunique the microarray data
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