hic_example_data: Example HiC dataset

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This dataset contains HiC data from Seitan et al. 2013. The data was analysed using HOMER (Heinz et al. 2010) at a resolution of 100kb to find significant interactions. This example dataset has been filtered to retain only interactions on chromosomes 14 and 15 with a FDR < 0.1. The data has also been annotated for overlaps with Refseq promoters. See the HiC analysis vignette (vignettes(GenomicInteractions)) for more information on how this dataset was created.




A GenomicInteractions object with length 8171.


GenomicInteractions object


Seitan, V. C. et al. Cohesin-based chromatin interactions enable regulated gene expression within pre-existing architectural compartments. Genome Res. 23, 2066-77 (2013).

Heinz S, Benner C, Spann N, Bertolino E et al. Simple Combinations of Lineage-Determining Transcription Factors Prime cis-Regulatory Elements Required for Macrophage and B Cell Identities. Mol Cell 2010 May 28;38(4):576-589.

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