API for GenomicScores
Infrastructure to work with genomewide position-specific scores

Global functions
$,MafDb-method Man page
GScores Man page Source code
GScores-class Man page
GenomicScores Man page
MafDb Man page Source code
MafDb-class Man page
availableGScores Man page Source code
citation Man page Source code
citation,GScores-method Man page
citation,MafDb-method Man page
citation,character-method Man page
citation,missing-method Man page
citation.GScores Source code
citation.MafDb Source code
citation.character Source code
class:GScores Man page
dqfun Man page
dqfun,GScores-method Man page
extractRawFromRleList Source code
fromBase Source code
getGScores Man page Source code
getMaintainer Source code
getSubDirs Source code
mafById Man page
mafById,MafDb-method Man page
mafByOverlaps Man page
mafByOverlaps,MafDb-method Man page
mafByOverlaps_nonsnvs Source code
mafByOverlaps_snvs Source code
makeGScoresPackage Man page Source code
mergeMaintainer Source code
name Man page
name,GScores-method Man page
normAuthor Source code
normMaintainer Source code
organism,GScores-method Man page
organism,MafDb-method Man page
populations Man page
populations,MafDb-method Man page
pprintseqs Source code
provider,GScores-method Man page
provider,MafDb-method Man page
providerVersion,GScores-method Man page
providerVersion,MafDb-method Man page
qfun Man page
qfun,GScores-method Man page
referenceGenome,GScores-method Man page
referenceGenome,MafDb-method Man page
rleGetValues Source code
scores Man page
scores,GScores,GenomicRanges-method Man page
seqinfo,GScores-method Man page
seqinfo,MafDb-method Man page
seqlengths,GScores-method Man page
seqlengths,MafDb-method Man page
seqlevelsStyle,GScores-method Man page
seqlevelsStyle,MafDb-method Man page
seqnames,GScores-method Man page
seqnames,MafDb-method Man page
show,GScores-method Man page
show,MafDb-method Man page
str2gr Source code
testConnection Source code
toBase Source code
type Man page
type,GScores-method Man page
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