Man pages for HTqPCR
Automated analysis of high-throughput qPCR data

cbindCombine qPCRset objects
changeCtLayoutChanging the dimensions (rows x columns) of qPCRset objects
clusterCtClustering of qPCR Ct values
filterCategoryFilter Ct values based on their feature categories.
filterCtDataFilter out features (genes) from qPCR data.
heatmapSigHeatmap of deltadeltaCt values from qPCR data.
HTqPCR-packageAnalysis of High-Throughput qPCR data (HTqPCR)
limmaCtDataDifferentially expressed features with qPCR: limma
mannwhitneyCtDataDifferentially expressed features with qPCR: Mann-Whitney
normalizeCtDataNormalization of Ct values from qPCR data.
plotCtArrayImage plot of qPCR Ct values from an array format
plotCtBoxesBoxplots for qPCR Ct values.
plotCtCardImage plot of qPCR Ct values from a card format
plotCtCategorySummarising the feature categories for Ct values.
plotCtCorCorrelation between Ct values from qPCR data
plotCtDensityDistribution plot for qPCR Ct values.
plotCtHeatmapHeatmap of qPCR Ct values.
plotCtHistogramHistrogram of Ct values from qPCR experiments.
plotCtOverviewOverview plot of qPCR Ct values across multiple conditions.
plotCtPairsPairwise scatterplot of multiple sets of Ct values from qPCR...
plotCtPCAPCA for qPCR Ct values.
plotCtRepsScatter plot of features analysed twice during each qPCR...
plotCtRQPlot the relative quantification of Ct values from qPCR...
plotCtScatterScatterplot of two sets of Ct values from qPCR data.
plotCtSignificanceBarplot with Ct values between genes from qPCR.
plotCtVariationPlot variation in Ct values across replicates
plotCVBoxesBoxplots of CV for qPCR Ct values.
plotGenesPlotting Ct values from qPCR across multiple samples.
qPCRprosExample processed qPCR data
qPCRrawExample raw qPCR data.
qPCRset-classClass "qPCRset"
readCtDataReading Ct values from qPCR experiments data into a qPCRset
setCategoryAssign categories to Ct values from qPCR data.
ttestCtDataDifferentially expressed features with qPCR: t-test
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