Man pages for MMDiff2
Statistical Testing for ChIP-Seq data sets

Cfp1-PeaksPeaks for Cfp1-data set
compDistsCompute distances between Peaks
compHistsCompute Peak histograms
compPvalscompute p-values
DBAmmd-AccessorsExtract data from DBAmmd objects
DBAmmd-classClass DBAmmd
estimateFragmentCentersestimate center of fragments
getPeakReadsGet reads from indexed bam files for defined regions
MMDDBAmmd Object for Cfp1 example
myGenericGenerics for DBAmmd-Class
plotPeakplot Peak
reportResultsreport results
runShinyMMDiff2Shiny Application for interactive visualization of MMD,GMD...
server.MMDiff2Shiny server code for interactive visualization of MMD...
ui.MMDiff2ui component for interactive visualization of MMD,GMD and...
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