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MSstats is an R-based/Bioconductor package for statistical relative quantification of peptides and proteins in mass spectrometry-based proteomic experiments. It is applicable to multiple types of sample preparation, including label-free workflows, workflows that use stable isotope labeled reference proteins and peptides, and workflows that use fractionation. It is applicable to targeted Selected Reactin Monitoring(SRM), Data-Dependent Acquisiton(DDA or shotgun), and Data-Independent Acquisition(DIA or SWATH-MS). This package implements converter functions that are used by MSstats to import data from various signal processing tools.


This development version is only available on Github:

devtools::install_github("Vitek-Lab/MSstatsConvert", build_vignettes = TRUE)

Documentation and examples

An extensive documentation can be found on the official website of the package.


We welcome contributions from the community. For details on how to contribute to the development of MSsstas, please refer to the CONTRIBUTING file.



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