Man pages for MethTargetedNGS
Perform Methylation Analysis on Next Generation Sequencing Data

bconvConvert non-bisulfite sequences to bisulfite sequences.
compare_samplesComplete Methylation Analysis of Next Generation Sequencing...
fishertest_cpgPerform Fisher Exact Test on Methylation Data.
hmmbuildCreate Profile Hidden Markov Model of given aligned sequences
methAlignAlign sequences with the reference sequence using...
methAvgCalculate Methylation Average of given methylation matrix
methEntropyCalculate Methylation Entropy
methHeatmapGenerate Heatmap of the given methylation data.
MethTargetedNGS-packageMethylation Analysis of Next Generation Sequencing data.
nhmmerCalculate likelihood of the given profile hidden markov model...
odd_ratioCalculate log odd ratio of the given samples (healthy/tumor)
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