Man pages for Mfuzz
Soft clustering of time series gene expression data

acoreExtraction of alpha cores for soft clusters
cselectionRepeated soft clustering for detection of empty clusters for...
DminCalculation of minimum centroid distance for a range of...
fill.NAReplacement of missing values
filter.NAFiltering of genes based on number of non-available...
filter.stdFiltering of genes based on their standard deviation.
kmeans2K-means clustering for gene expression data
kmeans2.plotPlotting results for k-means clustering
membershipCalculating of membership values for new data based on...
mestimateEstimate for optimal fuzzifier m
mfuzzFunction for soft clustering based on fuzzy c-means.
mfuzzColorBarPlots a colour bar
MfuzzguiGraphical user interface for Mfuzz package
mfuzz.plotPlotting results for soft clustering
mfuzz.plot2Plotting results for soft clustering with additional options
overlapCalculation of the overlap of soft clusters
overlap.plotVisualisation of cluster overlap and global clustering...
partcoefCalculation of the partition coefficient matrix for soft...
randomiseRandomisation of data
standardiseStandardization of expression data for clustering.
standardise2Standardization in regards to selected time-point
table2esetConversion of table to Expression set object.
top.countDetermines the number for which each gene has highest...
yeastGene expression data of the yeast cell cycle
yeast.tableGene expression data of the yeast cell cycle as table
yeast.table2Gene expression data of the yeast cell cycle as table
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