Man pages for MotIV
Motif Identification and Validation

aligns-classClass "alignments" to a Data Frame
combineMotifsCombine Motifs
exportAsRangedDataExport MotIV Results
exportAsTransfacFileWrite Transfac Files
filterFilter Motifs
filter-classClass "filter"
filter-methodsFilters Methods
FOXA_rGADEMDataset for FOXA1
generateDBScoresDatabase Scores Functions
getGademPWMRecover PWM
getPWMGet PWMs from a motiv object
jasparJaspar 2010 Database
makePWMConstructing a pwm object
matches-classClass "matches"
motifDistanceClustering PWMs Computation
motifMatchMotifs Matches Analysis
motifOccurencesMotifs Occurences and Co-occurences
motiv-classClass "motiv"
motiv-methodsMotiv methods
plotPlot Motiv
readGademPWMFileRead Gadem File
readPWMfileRead Transfac File
seqLogo2Plot a sequence logo for a given position weight matrix
setFilterSet Motif Filter
splitSplit Motiv Object
tf-classTranscription Factor Class
trimPWMedgeTrim PWM edge
viewAlignmentPrint Motifs Alignments
viewMotifsPrint Identified Motifs
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