Man pages for PICS
Probabilistic inference of ChIP-seq

bam2grPre-process bam files
candidate.regionIdentify candidate regions
makeGRangesOutputExport a PICS object to GRanges
PICSEstimation of binding site positions
pics-classPICS class
picsError-classpicsError class
picsFDREstimate the FDR
pics-genericsGenerics associated with pics classes
picsList-classList of PICS objects
plot-picsPlot methods for PICS objects
segChrReadSegmentation of paired-end sequencing data
segmentPICSSegment the genome into candidate regions
segReads-classClasses and functions to segment the genome in candidate...
segReadsGenericPerform genome segmentation depending
segReadsListPE-classClass and methods for list of candidate regions from...
segReadsPE-classClasse and methods for candidate regions from paired-end data
setParaEMList of parameters for the EM algorithm that can be used as...
setParaPriorList of parameters that can be used as an argument of PICS.
summarySegSummarize segmentList objects
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