Man pages for RNAinteract
Estimate Pairwise Interactions from multidimensional features

bindsamplesbind RNAinteract objects along screens
computePIcompute pairwise interaction
computePValuescompute p-values
createCellHTSFromFilescreate cellHTS2 object from text files
createRNAinteractcreate a RNAinteract object
createRNAinteractFromFilescreate an RNAinteract object from text files
embedPCAComputes a PCA for a pairwise interaction matrix.
estimateMainEffectestimate main effect
getDataPrimary access function for all screen data.
getMainget main effects
getReplicateDataExtract replicates measurements from the screen.
getSampleNamesget names of screens and channels
getScaleget scale information for a channel.
grid.doublePerturbationDouble Perturbation Plot Grob
grid.sgiHeatmapA heatmap grob
normalizeMainEffectQuerynormalize query main effect
normalizeMainEffectTemplatenormalize template main effect
normalizePlateEffectNormalization of plate effects
plotDoublePerturbationDouble Perturbation Plot
plotHeatmapplots a heatmap for an interaction screen.
reportAnnotationSpecialized report functions
RNAinteract-classClass "RNAinteract"
RNAinteract-packageAnalysis of Pairwise Interaction Screens.
sgiDataset of class 'RNAinteract'
sgisubsetsubset of an RNAinteract object.
sgisubsetQueryDesignSubsetting query genes in a RNAinteract object.
startReportstart and end a RNAinteract report
summarizeSamplessummarize screens
swaptreeSwaps a branch of a hclust object.
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