RNAinteract-package: Analysis of Pairwise Interaction Screens.

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The package contains functions to organize the data from (single- and multi-parametric) genetic interaction screens. Methods to estimate main effects (single perturbation effects) and pairwise interactions. p-values are computed. Furthermore a comprehensive html-report is generated.


See vignette("RNAinteract") for details.

Package content

Class RNAinteract (Documentation: RNAinteract-class)

Data input and creating of an object of class RNAinteract.

Data access

Subsetting, summarizing, and binding screens

Main effects and pairwise interactions


HTML report


Bernd Fischer

Maintainer: Bernd Fischer <bernd.fischer@embl.de>


T. Horn, T. Sandmann, B. Fischer, W. Huber, M. Boutros. Mapping of Signalling Networks through Synthetic Genetic Interaction Analysis by RNAi. Nature Methods, 2011.

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