accepted: RnBeads option values and restrictions

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The values of options in RnBeads are stored in dedicated R objects accompanying the package. These objects are named infos, accepted, current and previous. They should not be loaded or otherwise operated on by users. Please refer to the documentation of rnb.options for accessing and modifying option values in RnBeads.


infos is a data.frame containing information about all options in RnBeads. Row names in this table are the option names; the column names are "Type", "Named", "Null", "Max", "Min", "MaxInclusive" and "MinInclusive". accepted is a list containing the sets of accepted values for some of the options. current is a list with current values for all options. previous is a list with previous values for the affected options; this list is only temporarily used while setting option values through rnb.options or rnb.xml2options.


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