Add-on of the SQUAD Software

Global functions
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SQUADD Man page
SQUADD-package Man page
SquadSimResServiceImpl Man page
SquadSimResServiceImpl-class Man page
[,SquadSimResServiceImpl-method Man page
[<-,SquadSimResServiceImpl-method Man page
getColdMap Source code
getFittedTable Man page
getFittedTable,SquadSimResServiceImpl-method Man page
getFittedTable-methods Man page
getLeastSqValues Source code
getLowessValues Source code
getSimPlot Source code
getValues Source code
plotByTab Source code
plotCC Man page
plotCC,SquadSimResServiceImpl-method Man page
plotCC-methods Man page
plotPredMap Man page
plotPredMap,SquadSimResServiceImpl-method Man page
plotPredMap-methods Man page
plotSimMatrix Man page
plotSimMatrix,SquadSimResServiceImpl-method Man page
plotSimMatrix-methods Man page
simResService Man page Source code
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