Man pages for SubCellBarCode
SubCellBarCode: Integrated workflow for robust mapping and visualizing whole human spatial proteome

applyThresholdCompartmentApply thresholds to compartments
applyThresholdNeighborhoodApply thresholds to neighborhood classification
calculateCoveredProteinEvaluate marker protein coverage
calRowMeanCompute the means of replicates
candidateRelocatedProteinsIdentify candidate relocated proteins
compareClsCompare exon and gene centric classifications
computeThresholdCompartmentProbability threshold for compartment classification
computeThresholdNeighborhoodProbability threshold for neighborhood classification
convert2symbolConvert identifier to gene symbol
hcc827CtrlHCC827 Control Cell Line
hcc827CtrlPSMCountMinimum PSM Count in HCC827Ctrl Cell Line.
hcc827exonHCC827 Control Exon Cell Line
hcc827GEFGefitinib treated HCC827 Cell Line
hcc827GEFClassGefitinib treated HCC827 Cell Line Classification
hcc827GefPSMCountMinimum PSM Count in HCC827 Gefitinib Cell Line.
loadDataLoad the fractionated proteomics data
markerProteinsMarker Proteins Source
markerQualityControlEvaluate the quality of the marker proteins
mergeClsMerge compartment and neighborhood classification
mergeProbabilityMerge compartment probabilities to neighborhood probabilities
plotBarcodeVisualize the SubCellBarCode
plotMultipleProteinVisualization of multiple protein localizations
replacePredictionReplace compartment predictions to neighborhood predictions
sankeyPlotSankey plot for condition-dependent protein relocalization
sumProbabilitySum compartment test data probabilities to neighborhood...
svmClassificationProtein subcellular localization classification
svmExternalDataPeptide/exon/transcript centric or PTM enriched...
tsneVisualizationVisualization of marker proteins by t-SNE map
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