Man pages for TAPseq
Targeted scRNA-seq primer design for TAP-seq

accessorsAccessors for TsIO objects
bone_marrow_genexMouse bone marrow 10x data
checkPrimersCheck primers for complementarity
check_tool_installationCheck required tools
chr11_genesChromosome 11 genes
chr11_polyA_sitesChromosome 11 polyA sites
chr11_primersChromosome 11 primers
chr11_truncated_txsChromosome 11 truncated transcripts
chr11_truncated_txs_seqChromosome 11 truncated transcript sequences
createIORecordCreate boulder IO record
designPrimersDesign primers
estimateOffTargetsEstimate primer off-targets using BLAST
exportPrimersExport TAP-seq primers
get_gt_sequencesGet genome and transcriptome sequences
getTxsSeqGet transcript sequences
inferPolyASitesInfer polyA sites from droplet sequencing data
parsePrimer3OutputParse Primer3 Output
pickPrimersPick best TAP-seq primers
selectTargetGenesSelect target genes
TAPseqTAPseq: R-package to design primers for TAP-seq
TAPseqInputCreate TAPseq input from target sequences
truncateTxsPolyATruncate transcripts at polyA sites
TsIO-classTsIO class
TsIOList-classTsIOList class
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