soybean_cn_sub_metrics: Normalized and subsetted soybean cotyledon metrics

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This data contains metrics for normalized RNA-sequencing read counts from soybean cotyledon across three time stages of development. Early stage cotyledons were collected four days after planting and were green but closed. Middle stage cotyledons were collected while green and open, soon after the plant generated its first set of unifoliate leaves. Late stage cotyledons were collected immediately after the initiation of yellowing and shrinking. The metrics include the log fold change, log counts per million, likelihood ratio, p-values, and FDR values for all genes and all pairwise combinations of treatment groups. To save on size, this example dataset was generated by obtaining a random subset of 1 out of 10 genes from the original resource.




a RData instance, List with one list element per treatment group combination and 1 row per gene


Normalized and subsetted soybean cotyledon metrics

See Also

soybean_cn_sub for information about the treatment groups

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