soybean_ir_sub_metrics: Raw and subsetted soybean leaves iron-metabolism metrics

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This data contains metrics for raw RNA-sequencing read counts from a soybean dataset that compared leaves that were exposed to iron-rich (iron-postive) soil conditions versus leaves that were exposed to iron -poor (iron-negative) soil conditions. The data was collected 120 minutes after iron conditions were initiated. The metrics include the log fold change and the p-values for all genes and all pairwise combinations of treatment groups. To save on size, this example dataset was generated by obtaining a random subset of 1 out of 10 genes from the original resource.




a RData instance, 1 list per treatment group combination and 1 row per gene

A nested list of length 1. The list contains the metrics for the 5,604 genes for the one treatment group combination.


Raw and subsetted soybean leaves iron-metabolism metrics


Moran Lauter AN, Graham MA. NCBI SRA bioproject accession: PRJNA318409.

See Also

soybean_ir_sub for information about the treatment groups

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