API for birta
Bayesian Inference of Regulation of Transcriptional Activity

Global functions
EColiNetwork Man page
EColiOxygen Man page
FisherPretest Source code
TFexpr Man page
birta Man page
birta,ExpressionSet,ExpressionSet,ExpressionSet-method Man page
birta,ExpressionSet,ExpressionSet,missing-method Man page
birta,ExpressionSet,missing,ExpressionSet-method Man page
birta,ExpressionSet,missing,missing-method Man page
birta,matrix,matrix,matrix-method Man page
birta,matrix,matrix,missing-method Man page
birta,matrix,missing,matrix-method Man page
birta,matrix,missing,missing-method Man page
birta-methods Man page
birta-package Man page
birtaRun Source code
birtaStart Source code
genesets Man page
get_potential_swaps Man page Source code
limmaAnalysis Man page
limmaAnalysis,ExpressionSet,matrix,character-method Man page
limmaAnalysis,matrix,matrix,character-method Man page
limmaAnalysis-methods Man page
plotConvergence Man page Source code
potential_swaps Man page
sim Man page
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