Man pages for birta
Bayesian Inference of Regulation of Transcriptional Activity

birta-methodsMethods for Function 'birta' in Package 'birta'
birta-packageJoint Bayesian Inference of miRNA and Transcription Factor...
birta.runMain interface for Bayesian Inference of Regulation of...
EColiNetworkExample TF-target graph from Regulon DB.
EColiOxygenExample data set from E. Coli to sample TF activities.
genesetsTF-target and miRNA-target networks for simulated example.
get_potential_swapsCalculate swap partner for TF-/miRNA-target graph.
limmaAnalysisPerform a limma analysis on expression data.
limmaAnalysis-methodsMethods for Function 'limmaAnalysis' in Package 'birta'
plotConvergencePlotting the likelihood along MCMC sampling.
potential_swapsPotential swap moves for TF-target and miRNA-target networks...
simSimulated expression data for mRNAs and miRNAs.
TFexprTranscription factor expression values for the...
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