compEpiTools: Tools for computational epigenomics

Tools for computational epigenomics developed for the analysis, integration and simultaneous visualization of various (epi)genomics data types across multiple genomic regions in multiple samples.

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AuthorMattia Pelizzola, Kamal Kishore
Bioconductor views Coverage GeneExpression GenomeAnnotation Sequencing Visualization
Date of publicationNone
MaintainerKamal Kishore <>

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compEpiTools-package: Tools for computational epigenomics

countOverlapsInBins-methods: given a query and a subject GRanges returns a matrix of...

distanceFromTSS-methods: Returns the GRanges annotated with info about the closer TSS

enhancers: A GRanges method to define enhancers based on H3K4me1 peaks

findLncRNA: Identify putative long non coding RNAs (lncRNA)

getPromoterClass-methods: Determining the CpG promoter class and the average CpG...

GR2fasta-methods: A GRanges method to extract and write to the disk a fasta...

GRanges2ucsc-methods: A GRanges method to convert ranges information into UCSC...

GRangesInPromoters-methods: Based on a GRanges and a TxDb, subsets the GRanges to those...

GRannotate-methods: Based on a GRanges and a TxDb, returns the GRanges with a...

GRannotateSimple: a GRanges method to split a GRanges in three GRanges:...

GRbaseCoverage-methods: Based on a GRanges and a BAM file, returns a list of base...

GRcoverage-methods: based on a GRanges and a BAM file, returns the total coverage...

GRcoverageSummit-methods: Based on a GRanges and a BAM file, returns a GRanges with the...

GRenrichment-methods: Determines the enrichment over a set of genomic regions given...

GRmidpoint-methods: Returns a GRanges containing the mid point of a GRanges

GRsetwidth: Set the width of a GRanges based on the mid point of each...

heatmapData: Based on a list of GRanges, determine various kind of counts...

heatmapPlot: displays the heatmap based on the data from heatmapData

makeGtfFromDb: Utilities to transform a TxDb into a GTF file

matchEnhancers: GRanges method to match enhancers with putative targets sites

overlapOfGRanges-methods: visualization of GRanges overlap

palette2d: build a two dimensional color palette

plotStallingIndex: Stalling Index plots

simplifyGOterms: simplify a list of GO terms

stallingIndex: returns a list with average read count on TSS, gene body, and...

topGOres: determines GeneOntology (GO) enriched terms for a set of...

TSS: based on a TxDb returns a GRanges with the TSS positions for...

ucsc2GRanges: Convert UCSC-formatted genomic positions into a GRanges

unionMaxScore-methods: GRanges method to perform union of peaks keeping the score of...


compEpiTools Man page
compEpiTools-package Man page
countOverlapsInBins Man page
countOverlapsInBins,GRanges-method Man page
countOverlapsInBins-methods Man page
distanceFromTSS Man page
distanceFromTSS,GRanges-method Man page
distanceFromTSS-methods Man page
enhancers Man page
enhancers,GRanges-method Man page
enhancers-methods Man page
featuresLength Man page
featuresLength-methods Man page
featuresLength,TxDb-method Man page
findLncRNA Man page
getPromoterClass Man page
getPromoterClass-methods Man page
getPromoterClass,TxDb-method Man page
GR2fasta Man page
GR2fasta,GRanges-method Man page
GR2fasta-methods Man page
GRanges2ucsc Man page
GRanges2ucsc,GRanges-method Man page
GRanges2ucsc-methods Man page
GRangesInPromoters Man page
GRangesInPromoters,GRanges-method Man page
GRangesInPromoters-methods Man page
GRannotate Man page
GRannotate,GRanges-method Man page
GRannotate-methods Man page
GRannotateSimple Man page
GRannotateSimple,GRanges-method Man page
GRannotateSimple-methods Man page
GRbaseCoverage Man page
GRbaseCoverage,GRanges-method Man page
GRbaseCoverage-methods Man page
GRcoverage Man page
GRcoverage,GRanges-method Man page
GRcoverageInbins Man page
GRcoverageInbins,GRanges-method Man page
GRcoverageInbins-methods Man page
GRcoverage-methods Man page
GRcoverageSummit Man page
GRcoverageSummit,GRanges-method Man page
GRcoverageSummit-methods Man page
GRenrichment Man page
GRenrichment,GRanges-method Man page
GRenrichment-methods Man page
GRmidpoint Man page
GRmidpoint,GRanges-method Man page
GRmidpoint-methods Man page
GRsetwidth Man page
GRsetwidth,GRanges-method Man page
GRsetwidth-methods Man page
heatmapData Man page
heatmapPlot Man page
makeGtfFromDb Man page
makeGtfFromDb-methods Man page
makeGtfFromDb,TxDb-method Man page
matchEnhancers Man page
matchEnhancers,GRanges-method Man page
matchEnhancers-methods Man page
overlapOfGRanges Man page
overlapOfGRanges,GRanges-method Man page
overlapOfGRanges-methods Man page
palette2d Man page
plotStallingIndex Man page
simplifyGOterms Man page
stallingIndex Man page
topGOres Man page
TSS Man page
ucsc2GRanges Man page
unionMaxScore Man page
unionMaxScore,GRanges-method Man page
unionMaxScore-methods Man page


R/GR2fasta.R R/GRanges2ucsc.R R/GRangesInPromoters.R R/GRannotate.R R/GRannotateSimple.R R/GRbaseCoverage.R R/GRcoverage.R R/GRcoverageInbins.R R/GRcoverageSummit.R R/GRenrichment.R R/GRmidpoint.R R/GRsetwidth.R R/TSS.R R/countOverlapsInBins.R R/distanceFromTSS.R R/enhancers.R R/featuresLength.R R/findLncRNA.R R/getPromoterClass.R R/heatmapData.R R/heatmapPlot.R R/makeGtfFromDb.R R/matchEnhancers.R R/overlapOfGRanges.R R/palette2d.R R/plotStallingIndex.R R/simplifyGOterms.R R/stallingIndex.R R/topGOres.R R/ucsc2GRanges.R R/unionMaxScore.R
man/GR2fasta-methods.Rd man/GRanges2ucsc-methods.Rd man/GRangesInPromoters-methods.Rd man/GRannotate-methods.Rd man/GRannotateSimple.Rd man/GRbaseCoverage-methods.Rd man/GRcoverage-methods.Rd man/GRcoverageSummit-methods.Rd man/GRenrichment-methods.Rd man/GRmidpoint-methods.Rd man/GRsetwidth.Rd man/TSS.Rd man/compEpiTools-package.Rd man/countOverlapsInBins-methods.Rd man/distanceFromTSS-methods.Rd man/enhancers.Rd man/findLncRNA.Rd man/getPromoterClass-methods.Rd man/heatmapData.Rd man/heatmapPlot.Rd man/makeGtfFromDb.Rd man/matchEnhancers.Rd man/overlapOfGRanges-methods.Rd man/palette2d.Rd man/plotStallingIndex.Rd man/simplifyGOterms.Rd man/stallingIndex.Rd man/topGOres.Rd man/ucsc2GRanges.Rd man/unionMaxScore-methods.Rd

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