Man pages for fishpond
Fishpond: differential transcript and gene expression with inferential replicates

addStatsFromCSVRead statistics and nulls from CSV file
computeInfRVCompute inferential relative variance (InfRV)
deswishdeswish: DESeq2-apeglm With Inferential Samples Helps
fishpond-packageDownstream methods for Salmon and Alevin expression data
isoformProportionsCreate isoform proportions from scaled data
labelKeepLabel rows to keep based on minimal count
makeInfRepsMake pseudo-inferential replicates from mean and variance
makeSimSwishDataMake simulated data for swish for examples/testing
miniSwishHelper function for distributing Swish on a subset of data
plotInfRepsPlot inferential replicates for a gene or transcript
plotMASwishMA plot
readEDSreadEDS - a utility function for quickly reading in Alevin's...
scaleInfRepsScale inferential replicate counts
splitSwishFunction for splitting SummarizedExperiment into separate RDS...
swishswish: SAMseq With Inferential Samples Helps
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