resetFlowHist: Reset the values in a 'FlowHist' object

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NB: This function isn't required for normal use, and isn't exported for general use. It's provided as a convenience for anyone interested in tweaking model construction and associated parameters. Regular users don't need to do this!


resetFlowHist(fh, from = "peaks")



a FlowHist object.


character, the point in the FlowHist process to reset from (see details).


This function provides a safe way to reset the values in a FlowHist object. This is important because changing something early in the process will require updating all the dependent values in the appropriate order.

The dependency relationships are:

gate <- peaks <- comps <- limits

Consequently, changing the gate requires updating peaks, comps and limits. Changing components only requires updating the limits. Updating limits implicitly updates the model and subsequent analysis (i.e., NLS, CV, counts and RCS).

In practice, this means that if you change the components, you should call resetFlowHist to update the dependencies. i.e., resetFlowHist(fh, from = "limits").


the updated FlowHist object.


Tyler Smith

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