Man pages for genArise
Microarray Analysis tool

a.ariseA Arise
alter.uniqueRemove Duplicates
annotationsGene Annotations
back.guiReturn to the last window
bg.correctBackground Correction
classesClasses Defined by this Package
create.projectCreate directorie for the project and its results and...
cys.plotData Visualization: log2(Cy3) vs log2(Cy5)
DataSet-classDataSet - class
filter.spotIntensity-based filtering of array elements
genAriseGUI: Graphical User Interface
genMergegenMerge: Post-Genomic Analysis
get.valuesAuxiliar function for post-analysis
get.ZscoreSwap from Files
global.normGlobal Normalization of Spot
graphic.chooseGraphic choose
grid.normNormalization by grid of Spot
helpHelp of genArise
i.ariseI Arise
imageLimmaImage Plot of Microarray
make.swapSwap analysis
ma.plotData Visualization: M vs. A plot
m.ariseM Arise
meanUniqueRemove Duplicates
old.projectOpen previous project
post.analysisSet-combinatorial analysis
principalPrincipal window of genAriseGUI
projects.selectFile selector
r.ariseGet R value
read.datasetRead Dataset from File
read.spotRead Spot from File
reset.historyReset the prj history file
ri.plotData Visualization: R vs I
set.history.projectSave the history of a project
SimonDataset: Little fragment of a microarray from IFC UNAM
single.normSwap from Files
Spot-classSpot - class
spotUniqueReplicate filtering
swap.selectDye swap files selector
write.dataSetWrite dataSet
write.spotWrite Spot
write.zscoreWrite Z-score data
WT.datasetMicroarray from the IFC
ZscoreZ-scores for identifying differential expression
Zscore.plotZ-score Data Visualization: R vs I or M vs A
Zscore.pointsZ-score Window
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