API for goProfiles
goProfiles: an R package for the statistical analysis of functional profiles

Global functions
BioCpack2EntrezIDS Man page
BioCpack2Profiles Man page
BioCprobes2Entrez Man page
CD4GOTermsFrame Man page
CD4GOTermsList Man page
CD4LLids Man page
GOTermsFrame2GOTermsList Man page
GOTermsList Man page
all.wholenumber Source code
allEquivTests Source code
allIntersections Source code
as.GOTerms.frame Man page
as.GOTerms.list Man page
auxIter Source code
auxPdf Source code
basicProfile Man page
chiDisjoint Source code
chiIntersect Source code
chiRestrict Source code
clustKidneyMF2 Man page
compSummary Man page
compareGOProfiles Man page Source code
compareGeneLists Man page
compareProfilesLists Man page
contractVector Source code
contractedProfile Man page Source code
contractedProfile.ExpandedGOProfile Man page Source code
contractedProfile.default Man page Source code
dEuclid2 Source code
dEuclid2.BasicGOProfile Source code
dEuclid2.default Source code
dimsGO Source code
dimsGO.ExpandedGOProfile Source code
dimsGO.character Source code
diseaseIds Man page
dominantIds Man page
dominantIdsEBI Man page
dominantIdsNCBI Man page
drosophilaIds Man page
equivClust Man page Source code
equivClust2pdf Man page Source code
equivClust2pdf.equivClust Man page Source code
equivClust2pdf.iterEquivClust Man page Source code
equivSummary Man page
equivalentGOProfiles Man page Source code
equivalentGOProfiles.ExpandedGOProfile Man page Source code
equivalentGOProfiles.GOProfileHtest Man page Source code
equivalentGOProfiles.default Man page Source code
expandTerm Man page
expandedLevel Man page
expandedProfile Man page
fisherGOProfiles Man page Source code
fisherGOProfiles.BasicGOProfile Man page Source code
fisherGOProfiles.ExpandedGOProfile Man page Source code
fisherGOProfiles.matrix Man page Source code
fisherGOProfiles.numeric Man page Source code
fitGOProfile Man page
getAncestorsLst Man page
getGOLevel Man page
getStats Source code
goProfiles Man page
goProfiles-package Man page
hugoIds Man page
icolContract Source code
internal.compareGOProf Source code
internal.enrich Source code
internal.enrichProfile Source code
internal.equivalentGOProf Source code
intersectOne.vs.other Source code
intersectOne.vs.remaining Source code
is.wholenumber Source code
iterEquivClust Man page Source code
kidneyGeneLists Man page
marginalProfile Source code
mergeProfilesLists Man page
michaudIds Man page
morbidmapIds Man page
nextEquivDist Source code
ngenes Man page
ngenes.BasicGOProfile Man page
ngenes.ExpandedGOProfile Man page
ngenes.default Man page
ngenes.matrix Man page
ngenes.numeric Man page
omimIds Man page
one.vs.other Source code
one.vs.remaining Source code
ostrinIds Man page
plotProfiles Man page
printProfiles Man page
prostateIds Man page
recessiveIds Man page
recessiveIdsEBI Man page
recessiveIdsNCBI Man page
singh01EntrezIDs Man page
singh05EntrezIDs Man page
table2xs Source code
table2xs.BasicGOProfile Source code
welsh01EntrezIDs Man page
welsh05EntrezIDs Man page
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