Man pages for iCNV
Integrated Copy Number Variation detection

bambaf_from_vcfGet BAM baf information from vcf
bed_generatorGenerate BED file for WGS dataset.
chrchromosome of the example
filenmName of the file
get_array_inputGet array information from given format
iCNV_detectionCNV detection
icnv_output_to_gbConvert icnv.output to input for Genome Browser.
icnv_res0Example iCNV calling results.
ngs_bafBAF list from NGS
ngs_baf.chrBAF chromosome from NGS
ngs_baf.idBAF variants id from NGS
ngs_baf.nmBAF variants sample name from NGS
ngs_baf.posBAF position list from NGS
ngs_plrNormalized Poisson likelihood ratio list from NGS
ngs_plr.posExon location list from NGS
normObjDemo data pre-stored for normObj.
output_listGenerate ouput list.
plotHMMscorePlot CNV inference score.
plotindiIndividual sample plot
plot_intensityplot out the NGS plr or array lrr.
projnamename of project
qcObjDemo data pre-stored for qcObj.
sampnameCODEX sample name
sampname_qcQCed sample name
snp_bafBAF list from Array
snp_baf.posBAF position list from Array
snp_lrrNormalized log R ratio list from Array
snp_lrr.posSNP position list from Array
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