Man pages for imageHTS
Analysis of high-throughput microscopy-based screens

collectCellFeaturesCollect cell features.
countObjectsCount the number of objects in a segmented image
extractFeaturesExtract features from segmented images.
fileHTSGet access to screen data files
getImageConfGet the imageHTS configuration
getUnamesGet well unique names
getWellFeaturesGet well metadata, features and annotation information
highlightSegmentationHighlight segmented objects in an image
imageHTSPackage overview
installCellPickerSet up imageHTS web modules
makeCellHTSSegmentation of yeast cells and ring-shaped objects.
parseDCFParse a DCF file
parseImageConfInstantiate an imageHTS object
popCellPickerPop up imageHTS web modules
prw2unameConvert and parse well unique names
readLearnTSLearn, classify and predict cell labels.
segmentATHSegmentation and quantification of cells stained for DNA,...
segmentWellsSegment cells in well images
segmentYeastBFSegmentation of yeast cells and ring-shaped objects.
summarizeWellsSummarize cell features
zprimeCompute the Z'-factor quality score
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