highlightSegmentation: Highlight segmented objects in an image

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Highlight segmented objects in an image.


  highlightSegmentation(cal, nseg=NULL, cseg=NULL, thick=FALSE, opac=1, col=c('#ffff00', '#ff00ff'), border=FALSE, toRGB=TRUE) 



An EBImage Image object containing the original image.


An optional EBImage Image object containing the nucleus mask.


An optional EBImage Image object containing the cell mask.


A logical indicating whether to use thick borders (useful for print). Default is FALSE.


A numeric of the opacity value for drawing object contours; can be either a single numeric value or a numeric vector containing two opacity values, the first one for nuclei and the second one for cell bodies. Opacity ranges from 0 to 1, with 0 being fully transparent and 1 fully opaque


A character vector of two R colors for drawing contours of nuclei and cell bodies. By default, nuclei are highlighted in yellow and cells are highlighted in magenta.


A logical indicating whether contours should be closed at borders or not. Default is FALSE.


A logical indicating whether Grayscale images should be promoted to Color ones or not. Default is TRUE.


Highlights nuclei and cells by drawing contours of their boundaries. The colors, opacity, and border thicknes can be customized via the col, opacity, and thick arguments, repsectively.


An EBImage image containing the annotated image.


Gregoire Pau, gregoire.pau@embl.de, 2010

See Also



## see segmentWells for an example of highlightSegmentation
## example(segmentWells)

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