07SingleChannel: Topic: Individual Channel Analysis of Two-Color Microarrays

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This page gives an overview of the LIMMA functions fit linear models to two-color microarray data in terms of the log-intensities rather than log-ratios.

The function intraspotCorrelation estimates the intra-spot correlation between the two channels. The regression function lmscFit takes the correlation as an argument and fits linear models to the two-color data in terms of the individual log-intensities. The output of lmscFit is an MArrayLM object just the same as from lmFit, so inference proceeds in the same way as for log-ratios once the linear model is fitted. See 06.LinearModels.

The function targetsA2C converts two-color format target data frames to single channel format, i.e, converts from array-per-line to channel-per-line, to facilitate the formulation of the design matrix.


Gordon Smyth

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