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metagenomeFeatures is an R package with annotating 16S metagenomic sequence data using the metagenomeFeatures package ( A package for the greengenes database version 13.5 was developed, greengenes13.5MgDb(, for annotating 16S datasets using metagenomeFeatures. This package is available on Bioconductor,

We are working on version 2.0, which includes significant updates to the MgDb and mgFeatures class definitions.

To install the development version of the package * this can be done using devtools install_github("HCBravoLab/metagenomeFeatures")

See the greengenes13.5MgDb github repository,, for instructions to instal the development version of the annotation package.

The package has vignettes demonstrating how to use the greenegenes13.5MgDb package to annotate 16S metagenomic sequence data.

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