Man pages for metagenomeFeatures
Exploration of marker-gene sequence taxonomic annotations

annotateFeatures-MgDb-methodAnnotating metagenome data with taxonomic information
get_gg13.8_85MgDbMgDb-class object with Greengenes Database Version 13.8 85%...
mgDb_MgDb-class accessors
MgDb-classMetagenome Database class
mgF_mgFeatures accessors
mgFeaturesmgFeatures-class constructor
mgFeatures-classmgFeature-class object
mock_mgFExample mgFeatures class object
mock_query_dfExample Query Data Frame
reexportsObjects exported from other packages
select-MgDb-methodQuerying MgDb objects
show-MgDb-methodDisplay summary of MgDb-class object
taxa_MgDb-class Taxa slot helper functions
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