Man pages for pint
Pairwise INTegration of functional genomics data

ChromosomeModels-classClass "ChromosomeModels"
fit.bynameFit dependency model around one gene between two data sets.
geneCopyNumGene copy number data in chromosome 17
GeneDependencyModel-classClass "GeneDependencyModel"
geneExpGene expression data in chromosome 17
GenomeModels-classClass "GenomeModels"
get.neighboring.probesGet neighboring probes
get.neighsget.neighs the overlapping top chromosomal regions.
order.feature.infoOrder the gene information table by chromosomal locations.
pint.dataForms a data set and pairs samples in two data sets.
plotDependency score plotting
screenFits dependency models to chromosomal arm, chromosome or the...
summarize.region.parametersSummarize overlapping models.
windowForm data with a selected window size for the model fitting
z.effectThe model parameters z and W
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