Man pages for plyranges
A fluent interface for manipulating GenomicRanges

add-nearest-distanceAdd distance to nearest neighbours between two Ranges objects
as_rangesCoerce an Rle or RleList object to Ranges
compute_coverageCompute coverage over a Ranges object
element-setopsRow-wise set operations on Ranges objects
filter-rangesSubset a 'Ranges' object
group_by-rangesGroup a Ranges by one or more variables
io-bam-readRead a BAM file
io-bed-readRead a BED or BEDGraph file
io-bed-writeWrite a BED or BEDGraph file
io-bigwig-readRead a BigWig file
io-bigwig-writeWrite a BigWig file
io-gff-readRead a GFF/GTF/GVT file
io-gff-writeWrite a GFF(123) file
io-wig-readRead a WIG file
io-wig-writeWrite a WIG file
mutate-rangesModify a Ranges object
nCompute the number of ranges in each group.
n_distinctCompute the number of distinct unique values in a vector or...
overlap-joinsJoin by overlapping Ranges
overscope_rangesCreate an overscoped environment from a Ranges object
plyranges-packageplyranges: a grammar of genomic data manipulation
ranges-anchorAnchored Ranges objects
ranges-arrangeSort a Ranges object
ranges-bindCombine Ranges by concatentating them together
ranges-chopGroup a GRanges object by introns or gaps
ranges-classAn abstract class to represent operations performed over a...
ranges-constructConstruct a I/GRanges object from a tibble or data.frame
ranges-count-overlapsCount the number of overlaps between two Ranges objects
ranges-deferredDeferredGenomiRanges objects
ranges-disjoinDisjoin then aggregate a Ranges object
ranges-expandExpand list-columns in a Ranges object
ranges-filter-overlapsFilter by overlapping/non-overlapping ranges
ranges-flankGenerate flanking regions
ranges-followFind following Ranges
ranges-infoConstruct annotation information
ranges-interweaveInterweave a pair of Ranges objects together
ranges-namesTools for working with named Ranges
ranges-nearestFind nearest neighbours between two Ranges objects
ranges-overlapsFind overlap between two Ranges
ranges-overlaps-selfFind overlaps within a Ranges object
ranges-pairsPair together two ranges objects
ranges-precedeFind preceding Ranges
ranges-reduceReduce then aggregate a Ranges object
ranges-selectSelect metadata columns of the Ranges object by name or...
ranges-setopsVector-wise Range set-operations
ranges-settersFunctional setters for Ranges objects
ranges-shiftShift all coordinates in a genomic interval left or right,...
ranges-summariseReduce multiple values in a Ranges down to a single value
ranges-tileSlide or tile over a Ranges object
slice-rangesChoose rows by their position
stretchStretch a genomic interval
tidyverse-reexportsObjects exported from other packages.
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