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This positional bias model was estimated in Li and Jiang (2012). With cDNA fragmentation, reads are more likely to have come from the 3' end of the transcript. The probabilities included in this dataset were estimated from Supplementary Figure S3 in Li and Jiang's manuscript. Data points from the figure were inferred and exported as CSV files using WebPlotDigitizer. The CSV files and the code used to process them and create the datasets are available in the Polyester GitHub repository (


data frame with 100 rows and 2 columns. Column 1 is position along a transcript (in percent), while Column 2 is the probability of getting a fragment at that position. Column 2 sums to 1.


Li W and Jiang T (2012): Transcriptome assembly and isoform expression level estimation from biased RNA-Seq reads. Bioinformatics 28(22): 2914-2921.

Rohatgi A (2014): WebPlotDigitizer: Version 3.4 of WebPlotDigitizer. ZENODO. 10.5281/zenodo.11835

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