API for seqPattern
Visualising oligonucleotide patterns and motif occurrences across a set of sorted sequences

Global functions
TBPpwm Man page
get.pattern.occurence.melted Source code
get.scanning.score Source code
getPatternOccurrenceList Man page
getPatternOccurrenceList,DNAStringSet-method Man page
log5 Source code
motifScanHits Man page
motifScanHits,DNAStringSet,matrix-method Man page
motifScanScores Man page
motifScanScores,DNAStringSet,matrix-method Man page
myColorPalette Source code
pattern.smoothscatter Source code
plot.motif.heatmap Source code
plot.windowed.average Source code
plotMotifDensityMap Man page
plotMotifDensityMap,DNAStringSet,matrix-method Man page
plotMotifOccurrenceAverage Man page
plotMotifOccurrenceAverage,DNAStringSet,matrix-method Man page
plotMotifScanScores Man page
plotMotifScanScores,DNAStringSet,matrix-method Man page
plotPatternDensityMap Man page
plotPatternDensityMap,DNAStringSet-method Man page
plotPatternOccurrenceAverage Man page
plotPatternOccurrenceAverage,DNAStringSet-method Man page
scan.sequence.with.pwm Source code
seqPattern Man page
seqPattern-package Man page
smoothScatter Source code
zebrafishPromoters Man page
zebrafishPromoters24h Man page
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