Man pages for sigaR
Statistics for Integrative Genomics Analyses in R

cghCall2cghSegGenomic ordering of cghSeg-objects.
cghCall2maximumSubsetMaximum subsetting cghCall-objects.
cghCall2orderGenomic ordering of cghCall-objects.
cghCall2subsetSubsetting cghCall-objects.
cghCall2weightedSubsetWeighted subsetting cghCall-objects.
cghSeg2orderGenomic ordering of cghSeg-objects.
cghSeg2subsetSubsetting cghSeg-objects.
cghSeg2weightedSubsetWeighted subsetting cghSeg-objects.
cisEffectPlotDNA-mRNA plot
cisEffectTableTable of cis-effect test results
cisEffectTestNonparametric testing for copy number induced differential...
cisEffectTunePre-test and tuning.
cisTest-classClass "cisTest" for storing the results of the function...
CNGEheatmapsParellel CN and GE heatmap plotting
entropyTestOne-sided two-sample test for entropy comparison
entTest-classClass "entTest" for storing the results of the function...
expandMatching2singleIDsExpand matching to single entries
ExpressionSet2orderGenomic ordering of ExpressionSet-objects.
ExpressionSet2subsetSubsetting ExpressionSet-objects.
ExpressionSet2weightedSubsetWeighted subsetting ExpressionSet-objects.
getSegFeaturesIdentical signature features selection from cghCall-object.
hdEntropyEntropy estimation.
hdMIMutual information estimation.
matchAnn2AnnGenomic location matching of two sets of features
matchCGHcall2ExpressionSetGenomic location matching of CN and GE data
merge2cghCallsMerge two cghCall-objects into one cghCall-object
merge2ExpressionSetsMerge two ExpressionSet-objects into one ExpressionSet-object
miTest-classClass "miTest" for storing the results of the function...
mutInfTestTest for mutual information
nBreakpointsNumber of breakpoints
pathway1samplePenalized estimation of a pathyway's regulatory network from...
pathway2samplePenalized estimation of a pathyway's regulatory network from...
pathwayFit-classClass "pathwayFit" for storing the results of the function...
pathwayPlotPlot of the pathyway topology as reconstructed from from DNA...
pollackCN16Breast cancer data (copy number)
pollackGE16Breast cancer data (gene expression)
profilesPlotCN-GE profiles plot
RCMestimationFitting of the random coefficients model.
rcmFit-classClass "rcmFit" for storing the results of the function...
RCMrandomRandom data from the random coefficients model.
RCMrandom-methodMethods for Function RCMrandom
RCMtestHypothesis testing within the random coefficient model.
rcmTest-classClass "rcmTest" for storing the results of the function...
sigaR-packagestatistics for integrative genomics analyses in R
splitMatchingAtBreakpointsSplit matching at breakpoints
summary-methodMethods for Function summary
uniqGenomicInfoUnique genomic location information
z.RCMloss-methodInternal function
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