Man pages for spikeLI
Affymetrix Spike-in Langmuir Isotherm Data Analysis Tool

collapseData collapse of all concentrations into a single graph
conc133Concentration 95
conc95Concentration 95
hguSelected Probe Set data
IvscPlot of intensity vs. concentration for given probes
IvsDGPlot Intensity as function of the affinity for a given probe...
SPIKE_INSpike-in Probe-Set Names
SPIKE_IN95set of spike-in genes contained in the HGU95 dataset
SPIKE_INAArtificial Spike-in probesets
SPIKE_INBBacteria Spike-in probeset names
SPIKE_INHHuman Spike-in probe-set names
spikeLI.packageAnalysis of Affymetrix spike-in data (HGU95 and HGU133 Latin...
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