Man pages for splicegear
splicegear object to data.frame converter
barplot.SpliceSitesbarplot for SpliceSites
buildSpliceSitesFunctions to query PALSdb
getRelSignStrengthfunctions to perform SPLICE
grid.helpersconvenience functions for grid
grid.plot.SpliceSitesPlot splicegear objects
isProbeOnSpliceSiteCheck the presence of probes on certain exons
matchprobes2Probescreate Probes object from matchprobes results
plot.SpliceExprSetplot a SpliceExprSet
plot.SpliceSitesplot a SpliceSites object
plot.SpliceSitesGenomicFunction to plot SpliceSitesGenomic objects
Probes-classClass "Probes"
sort.SpliceExprSetA function to sort a SpliceExprSet
SpliceExprSet-classClass "SpliceExprSet"
splicesetExample data for splicegear
SpliceSites-classClass "SpliceSites"
SpliceSitesGenomic-classClass "SpliceSitesGenomic"
split.SpliceSitessplit an instance of SpliceSites
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