splicegear: splicegear

A set of tools to work with alternative splicing

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AuthorLaurent Gautier <laurent@cbs.dtu.dk>
Bioconductor views Infrastructure Transcription
Date of publicationNone
MaintainerLaurent Gautier <laurent@cbs.dtu.dk>

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as.data.frame.SpliceExprSet Man page
as.data.frame.SpliceSites Man page
barplot.SpliceSites Man page
buildSpliceSites Man page
eset Man page
exprs<-,SpliceExprSet,ANY-method Man page
exprs,SpliceExprSet-method Man page
getFinalRatio Man page
getPALSdbURL Man page
getRelSignStrength Man page
grid.expand.gp Man page
grid.make.numeric2npc Man page
grid.plot Man page
grid.plot.Probes Man page
grid.plot,Probes,missing-method Man page
grid.plot,Probes,SpliceSites-method Man page
grid.plot.SpliceExprSet Man page
grid.plot.SpliceExprSet Man page
grid.plot,SpliceExprSet,missing-method Man page
grid.plot.SpliceSites Man page
grid.plot,SpliceSites,missing-method Man page
initialize,Probes-method Man page
initialize,SpliceSites-method Man page
isProbeOnSpliceSite Man page
isSpliceSiteOnProbe Man page
matchprobes2Probes Man page
plot.Probes Man page
plot,Probes-method Man page
plot,Probes-method Man page
plot,Probes,missing-method Man page
plot,Probes,SpliceSites-method Man page
plot.SpliceExprSet Man page
plot,SpliceExprSet,missing-method Man page
plot.SpliceSites Man page
plot.SpliceSitesGenomic Man page
plot,SpliceSitesGenomic-method Man page
plot,SpliceSitesGenomic,missing-method Man page
plot,SpliceSites-method Man page
plot,SpliceSites,missing-method Man page
probes Man page
Probes-class Man page
queryPALSdb Man page
show,Probes-method Man page
show,SpliceExprSet-method Man page
show,SpliceSites-method Man page
sort.SpliceExprSet Man page
SpliceExprSet-class Man page
spliceset Man page
spliceSites Man page
SpliceSites-class Man page
SpliceSitesGenomic-class Man page
spliceSites,SpliceExprSet-method Man page
split.SpliceSites Man page
spsites Man page

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