survcomp: Performance Assessment and Comparison for Survival Analysis

R package providing functions to assess and to compare the performance of risk prediction (survival) models.

AuthorBenjamin Haibe-Kains, Markus Schroeder, Catharina Olsen, Christos Sotiriou, Gianluca Bontempi, John Quackenbush
Date of publicationNone
MaintainerBenjamin Haibe-Kains <>, Markus Schroeder <>, Catharina Olsen <>

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Man pages

breastCancerData: Sample data containing six datasets for gene expression,...

censor.time: Function to artificially censor survival data

cindex.comp: Function to compare two concordance indices

cindex.comp.meta: Function to compare two concordance indices

combine.est: Function to combine estimates

combine.test: Function to combine probabilities

concordance.index: Function to compute the concordance index for survival or...

cvpl: Function to compute the CVPL

D.index: Function to compute the D index

dindex.comp: Function to compare two D indices

dindex.comp.meta: Function to compare two D indices

fisherz: Function to compute Fisher z transformation

forestplot.surv: Forest plots enables to display performance estimates of...

getsurv2: Function to retrieve the survival probabilities at a specific...

hazard.ratio: Function to estimate the hazard ratio through Cox regression

hr.comp: Function to statistically compare two hazard ratios

hr.comp2: Function to statistically compare two hazard ratios...

hr.comp.meta: Function to compare two concordance indices

iauc.comp: Function to compare two IAUCs through time-dependent ROC...

ibsc.comp: Function to compare two IBSCs

km.coxph.plot: Function to plot several Kaplan-Meier survival curves

logpl: Function to compute the log partial likelihood of a Cox model

mainz7g: Subset of MAINZ dataset containing gene expression,...

metaplot.surv: Meta-analysis plot (forest plot)

mrmr.cindex: Function to compute the concordance index for survival or...

mrmr.cindex.ensemble: Function to compute the concordance index for survival or...

nki7g: Subset of NKI dataset containing gene expression, annotations... Function to compute the number of individuals at risk

sbrier.score2proba: Function to compute the BSCs from a risk score, for all the...

score2proba: Function to compute the survival probabilities from a risk...

survcomp-package: Performance Assessment and Comparison for Survival Analysis

tdrocc: Function to compute time-dependent ROC curves

td.sens.spec: Function to compute sensitivity and specificity for a binary...

test.hetero.est: Function to test the heterogeneity of set of probabilities

test.hetero.test: Function to test the heterogeneity of set of probabilities

transbig7g: Subset of the TRANSBIG dataset containing gene expression,...

unt7g: Subset of UNT dataset containing gene expression, annotations...

upp7g: Subset of UPP dataset containing gene expression, annotations...

vdx7g: Subset of VDX dataset containing gene expression, annotations...


breastCancerData Man page
censor.time Man page
cindex.comp Man page
cindex.comp.meta Man page
combine.est Man page
combine.test Man page
concordance.index Man page
cvpl Man page
D.index Man page
dindex.comp Man page
dindex.comp.meta Man page
fisherz Man page
forestplot.surv Man page
getsurv2 Man page
hazard.ratio Man page
hr.comp Man page
hr.comp2 Man page
hr.comp.meta Man page
iauc.comp Man page
ibsc.comp Man page
km.coxph.plot Man page
logpl Man page
mainz7g Man page
metaplot.surv Man page
mrmr.cindex Man page
mrmr.cindex.ensemble Man page
nki7g Man page Man page
sbrier.score2proba Man page
score2proba Man page
survcomp Man page
survcomp-package Man page
tdrocc Man page
td.sens.spec Man page
test.hetero.est Man page
test.hetero.test Man page
transbig7g Man page
unt7g Man page
upp7g Man page
vdx7g Man page


survcomp/R/D.index.R survcomp/R/censor.time.R survcomp/R/cindex.comp.R survcomp/R/cindex.comp.meta.R survcomp/R/combine.est.R survcomp/R/combine.test.R survcomp/R/concordance.index.R survcomp/R/cvpl.R survcomp/R/dindex.comp.R survcomp/R/dindex.comp.meta.R survcomp/R/extract.all.parents.R survcomp/R/fisherz.R survcomp/R/forestplot.surv.R survcomp/R/getsurv2.R survcomp/R/hazard.ratio.R survcomp/R/hr.comp.R survcomp/R/hr.comp.meta.R survcomp/R/hr.comp2.R survcomp/R/iauc.comp.R survcomp/R/ibsc.comp.R survcomp/R/km.coxph.plot.R survcomp/R/logpl.R survcomp/R/metaplot.surv.R survcomp/R/mrmr.cindex.R survcomp/R/mrmr.cindex.ensemble.R survcomp/R/ survcomp/R/sbrier.score2proba.R survcomp/R/score2proba.R survcomp/R/td.sens.spec.R survcomp/R/tdrocc.R survcomp/R/test.hetero.est.R survcomp/R/test.hetero.test.R survcomp/R/zzz.R
survcomp/man/D.index.Rd survcomp/man/breastCancerData.Rd survcomp/man/censor.time.Rd survcomp/man/cindex.comp.Rd survcomp/man/cindex.comp.meta.Rd survcomp/man/combine.est.Rd survcomp/man/combine.test.Rd survcomp/man/concordance.index.Rd survcomp/man/cvpl.Rd survcomp/man/dindex.comp.Rd survcomp/man/dindex.comp.meta.Rd survcomp/man/fisherz.Rd survcomp/man/forestplot.surv.Rd survcomp/man/getsurv2.Rd survcomp/man/hazard.ratio.Rd survcomp/man/hr.comp.Rd survcomp/man/hr.comp.meta.Rd survcomp/man/hr.comp2.Rd survcomp/man/iauc.comp.Rd survcomp/man/ibsc.comp.Rd survcomp/man/km.coxph.plot.Rd survcomp/man/logpl.Rd survcomp/man/mainz7g.Rd survcomp/man/metaplot.surv.Rd survcomp/man/mrmr.cindex.Rd survcomp/man/mrmr.cindex.ensemble.Rd survcomp/man/nki7g.Rd survcomp/man/ survcomp/man/sbrier.score2proba.Rd survcomp/man/score2proba.Rd survcomp/man/survcomp-package.Rd survcomp/man/td.sens.spec.Rd survcomp/man/tdrocc.Rd survcomp/man/test.hetero.est.Rd survcomp/man/test.hetero.test.Rd survcomp/man/transbig7g.Rd survcomp/man/unt7g.Rd survcomp/man/upp7g.Rd survcomp/man/vdx7g.Rd

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