Man pages for AdhereR
Adherence to Medications

CMA0CMA0 constructor.
CMA1CMA1 and CMA3 constructors.
CMA2CMA2 and CMA4 constructors.
CMA5CMA5 constructor.
CMA6CMA6 constructor.
CMA7CMA7 constructor.
CMA8CMA8 constructor.
CMA9CMA9 constructor.
CMA_per_episodeCMA_per_episode constructor.
CMA_sliding_windowCMA_sliding_window constructor.
compute_event_durationsComputation of event durations. Days and Event (prescribing or dispensing) Intervals.
compute.treatment.episodesCompute Treatment Episodes.
durcomp.dispensingExample dispensing events for 16 patients.
durcomp.hospitalisationExample hospitalization events for 10 patients.
durcomp.prescribingExample prescription events for 16 patients.
getCMAAccess the actual CMA estimate from a CMA object.
med.eventsExample medication events records for 100 patients.
plot.CMA0Plot CMA0 objects.
plot.CMA1Plot CMA0-derived objects.
plot.CMA_per_episodePlot CMA_per_episode and CMA_sliding_window objects.
plot_interactive_cmaInteractive exploration CMA computation.
print.CMA0Print CMA0 (and derived) objects.
time_to_initiationComputation of initiation times.
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